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Themes in the Medea

A Position of Women  
    1. in marriage
    2.socially and politically
    3.their subordination to men
    4. their dependence on men
    a) the spirited woman
    b) the conventional (narcissistic) woman
    5. woman's field of action - restricted but important
B Parenthood  
    1. children destroyed by their parents (future imperilled by)
    2. the concerns of parents
    a) fathers - to have an heir or heirs
    b) mothers - their children's future and the home
    3. and security needed for it
    4. children made instruments of by by their parents
    5. the price of parenthood
    6. what parents will do to others for their children
    7. childlssness - a curse or a blessing
C Divorce  
    1. the battle between men and women
    2. how children are affected
D Oath-taking & supplication; involving men and gods
    1. the honest barbarian and perjured Greek
    a) Jason
    b) Aegeus
E The indifference of the gods to right and wrong  
F The heroic code  
    1. for men
    2. for women
G Hands - the instruments of action - and their power to do good and ill
H The slave - shown superior to the aristocrat
    1. more perspicacious
    2. more loyal
    3. more moral
I What poisons human relations? (Poison)
    1. ambition
    2. self-centredness
J Past and Present- Medea relates to Athens via Theseus
    related to each other
    - tomb at Corinth of children
    -chorus talk about Athens and its attitudes