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(Some points also applicable to sculpture)

(a) Shape and function of the vase.
(b) Technique - BF, RF, White Ground, 'Bilingual'."
(c) Identification of the scene - mythological or everyday.
(d) Comparison with other known works
(e) Grouping of figures - peaceful? Violent? Why?
(f) Expression of emotion - eyes, f:ace, etc.
(g) Poses - frontal, sideways, three-quarters - forshortened? Twisted?
(h) Drapery - folds = stiff? Flat? Sharply zigzagged? Does drapery help general effect? - Internal or just on the surface?
(i) The overall effect and atmosphere of the vase - dignified? Lively? Erotic'? etc. How is the effect achieved? Subject -matter will affect its treatment (especially applicable to architecture and sculpture).
(j) Date? - Evidence from the above points?
  c550BC -> 520BC = BFV
  c520BC -> = RFV
  c450BC (especially) = White ground


Discussion about the date is far more important than just a brief mention of possible/probable date.

Important Artists