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600 - 400BC

Black Figure 600 -

Early paintings obsessed with pattern in anatomy and dress. Myths very popular. Poses stiff. Anatomy stylised, not very natural. Front eyes on profile face. View strictly profile or frontal. Technique invented in Corinth

620  Grave Marker - amphora: Herakles& Nessos ;  Gorgons racing over sea;  Gorgons pursuing Perseus: Polyphemos blinded

600-590 Dinos - Gorgons pursuing Perseus         

570   Sophilos: wedding of Peleus & Thetis on BF dinos, Troilus & Polyxena. Kleitias ; Francois Vase - BF volute krater, wedding of P. & T; T. & Polyxena; Ajax carries Achilles on handle

550  Panathenaic amphorae; Little Master Cups; Phrynos painter: Ajax carries Achilles

540-530 Exekias: Ajax and Achilles play game; Dionysos sailing.; Amasis Painter: Dionysos & maenads


More natural representation of anatomy, eye in profile, more flexible technique of drawing. New freedom of pose. Drapery changes from decorative to more natural system of folds. More passionate representation of feeling, ornater style.  Technique invented in Athens

530 - Bilingual amphorae (black/red figure on same vase)

530-515  Lysippides & Andokides painter: bilingual vases: Herakles feasting with Athene; Driving bull to sacrifice.



510-500  Phintias: Herakles steals Apollo’s tripod . Euphronius: Herakles fights Amazons  Euthymides: 3 men carousing on amphora.

500-490  Berlin Painter: Ganymede

490-480  Achilles v. Hector on krater.

500-475 Brygos painter: satyrs prowling on kylix; men & courtesans on skyphos. Kleophrades Painter: maenads on amphora, Fall of Troy on hydria

475-450  Niobid painter - calyx krater. Pan Painter -  Boreas pursuing Oreithyia . Pan Painter; Perseus and Medusa on hydria             

460 Chicago painter:  pelike with Polyneikes & Eriphyle


offerings to the dead

460  Pistoxenos Painter; Aphrodite on goose

450  Orpheus Painter: Orpheus plays for the Thracians on column krater. 450-425; Phiale Painter: Amymnone fleeing from Poseidon on  RF lekythos

440   Achilles Painter; woman and man, woman and maid.

430    Kleophon Painter: cattle led to sacrifice on krater. 

425-400 Meidias Painter: Herakles in Garden of Hesperides on hydria

400 Woman Painter: white-ground lekythoi. Man seated at tomb