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Book 3. Aeneas' continues his narration of his travels
Part 1. Lines 1-291

1-18 The Trojans embark with their Gods and sail to Thrace with which they
19-21 had old ties through King Lycurgus. Start to build a city. When Aeneas prepares
22-28 for a sacrifice he pulls at a myrtle which thereupon bleeds.
29-48 Aeneas preserves - and hears the voice of Polydorus, whom Priam
49-56 had entrusted to the King of Thrace, and who had been killed by him.
57-68 and who changed over to the victorious Greeks. The Trojans rebury Polydorus.
69-83 They sail and arrive at Delos, Apollo's city, and are welcomed by King Anius, Apollo's priest.
84-89 They pray to Apollo for direction. The prophecy directs them to find the place
90-120 from which they were sprung. Anchises suggests Crete because of Teucer their
121-131 ancestors were born there. They hear that Crete is free of inhabitants and sail there.
132-136 They start again to build walls for the city named `Pergamea'. Trojans are setting
137-153 down when they are struck by a pestilence. Apollo through Trojan gods tell Aeneas
154-177 to go to Italy where Dardanus and Iasius come from. Anchises recognises this as
178-210 prophecy of Cassandra alone. They sail to the Strophades where they are
211-258 attacked by Harpies whilst feasting. Celaeno gives the prophecy of the gnawing
259-291 of the tables. They sail on, bypassing Greek cities, hold Trojans games at Leucas.

Part 2 lines 292-505 They visit Helenus and Andromache at Buthrotum. Helenus gives prophecy

292-305 They arrive at Buthrotum and meet Andromache mourning Hector. She has
306-350 married Trojan Helenus who is in power. They see a little `Troy' complete with citadel `Xanthus' and `Scaean Gate'
356# In answer to Aeneas' inquiry Helenus prophesied a long journey before
350-387 Italy is reached and says that a white sow will designate the site of the city.
388-393 He gives them various directions for their journey. He tells them of a
435-440 supreme duty: to worship Juno and win her over. Then they are to consult the
441-471 prophetess at Cumae. They are then given gifts by Helenus and also Andromache
472-505 who grieves for her son Astyanax, who would have been Ascanius' age.

Part 3 lines 506-718 In which the Trojans obey their prophecies and visit the island of Cyclopes.

506-536 Under Palinurus' skilled piloting they reach Italy and worship as commanded
537-542 at Minerva's temple. They see the 4 white horses which signal war -
543-569 with a hope of peace. They skirt the dreaded Charybdis and reach
570-587 the coast of the Cyclopes. They experience the fantastic volcano of Etna overnight.
588-654 Next day they meet Achaemenides who describes how he was left by Ulysses' band
654-665 when they blinded Polyphemus the cyclops who arrives and wades out the sea.
666-681 In fright they sail but he feels the commotion and calls the other Cyclopes.
682-718 They escape and again avoid Scylla and Charybdis only for Aeneas to soon lose his father.