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Upper Sixth Classical Civilisation            Vase Painting                                   177

What do you know?

1. How would the word “orientalising” be used in early pottery

2. What is the difference between Black Figure and Red Figure pottery?

3. What advantages did Red Figure have over Black Figure?

4. Can you name anything painted by the following and give an approximate date?

    a) Exekias b) Andocides Painter c) Euthymides d) Berlin Painter e) Midias Painter

5.      What can we learn about women in Ancient Greece from the vases we have studied

6. Name 5 different scenes involving Heracles – describe them briefly.

7. Describe the progression in the painting from 600 – 400 b.c. of

a)      the head b)     the anatomy c)      the poses

8. How did Black Figure painters fill the spaces on their vases?

9. What have you learnt of the “symposium” from vase painting? Which women are involved?

10. What were the following vases used for?

a)      lekythos b)     hydria c)      crater d)     oinochoe e)      aryballos f)       pyxis

11.  When did White Ground pottery appear? What style of painting was it used on it?

12. Comment on these vases.

E. Lockett