Tape 22 180

Time Team Islay Scotland

Time Team Castleford Roman

Private Lives of Pharoahs

Time Team Wiltshire Roman

Time Team Lambeth

Raiders of Lost Civilisations

Tape 23 180

Time Team Lincs. Anglo.Saxon/ Roman

Time Team Anglo SaxonNorman

2 Men in a Trench 50mins

The Last Neanderthal

Stone Age Ice Man Mystery

Tape 24 180

Time Team Rotherhythe Naval

Acropolis Empires of Stone

Time Team Roman bath house Sussex

Lost Legions of Rome


Masada (30)

Private Lives of the Emperors

Tape 25 240

Alexander M. Wood

Time Team Roman Cotswolds

Time Team Viaduct Blaenavon

Time Team Ricot Palace

Time Team Salisbury Plain Iron Age roundhouse

Tape 26 180

Life of Brian

Time Team Devon Wreck

Time Team Ireland

Time Team Suffolk Roman

Uncovering Lost Worlds

Atlantis in the Andes (part)

Tape 27 180

Time Team

Lost Treasures of Ancient World - Greek Mythology

Time Team Offa’s Palace

Time Team Greenwich Park (fin. on tape28)

Tape 28 180

Digging by the Book (Schliemann/Petrie)

Time Team Greenwich (last 10 mins from 27)

Olympics - Lost Gold

Tape 29 240


7 Wonders of the World

What Romans did for Us

Minoan Apocalypse

Hadrian’s Wall WR Did4Us

Nero - Who Burnt Rome?

Cleopatra’s Palace

Time Team Iron Age (start miss)

Tape 30 180

Time Team Thetford Norman

Caesar, greatest heroes 30mins

The Roman war machine

Varus’ Legions

Ventris & Linear B

Gods and Goddesses

Tape 31 180

OU Rome; Augustan Age

End of Ancient World AD100-600

Treasure Islands (3)

Treasure Islands (4)

Tape 32 240

Alexander - Spawforth

Rome the Ultimate Empire

I, Caesar

Tape 33 240



I, Caesar (Nero)

Tape 34 240

The Odyssey (SP)

Tape 35 180

Voyage of the Heroes

Tape 36 240

Orpheus Taplin

Time Team Salisbury Plain

Time Team Cotswolds

Time Team Isle of Wight

Tape 37 180

The Greek Gods.


The Greeks; Crucible of Civilisation

Tape 38 240



Tape 39 180

Odyssey 1

Tape 40 180

Odyssey 2

Tape 41 120

Greek Tragedies J. Mortimer

Pyramids J. Romer


Tape 42 240

Alexander part 2

Julius Caesar