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Tape 1

Time Team Offa’s Palace

Time Team Iron Foundry

Rome’s Catacombs

Zeugma; City found and Lost

Time Team Hartlepool- Anglo Saxon

Rome: the Great Empire

Amazon Women

Tape 2

Time Team Orkney Vikings

Ancient Apocalypse - Crete

Roman Empire in 1st Cent

Gods of Greece

Time Team Roman Villa Glos

Odyssey of Troy

Time Team Majorca

Tape 3

The Last Neanderthal

1000AD Anglo Saxon

Time Team Orkney Iron Age

The Real Spartacus

Secrets of the Stone Age - pt.1 Wisdom of the Stones

Time Team Roman Cirencester

Tape 4

Prometheus - Tony Harrison

Time Team WW2 crash

Tape 5

Blood and Honour at 1st Olympics

Time Team Medieval Shropshire

Mythical Monuments of Greece

Time Team St Patrick, Downpatrick

Treasures of Deep - Rom. Artefacts

Secrets at Delphi

Tape 6

Stonehenge 30mins

Time Team Norman castle B/north

Secrets of the Dead - Stonehenge slaying

Time Team Canterbury R. temple

Time Team Winchester leprosy 9thC

Tape 7

7 Wonders of ancient world

Time Team Roman Papcastle

Secrets of Stone Age

Time Team Norman Priory

Time Team Cheddar Gorge St. Age

S. America Lost Civilisation

Tape 8

Time Team Plimpton

Time Team Special Ely

Time Team Smallhythe Kent

Carthage - Lost treasures

Time Team East Sussex bath house

Tape 9

Time Team Turkdean Roman

Time Team Majorca Beaker people

Who Built the Pyramids

Rome - rise of Christianity


Lost Legions of Rome

Tape 10

Time Team Iron Age Cornwall

Egypt - pharaohs lost children

Rome - Age of Emperors (gov)

Volcano that blew the world away

Time Team Saxon Milesbrough

Time Team Maryland Eng. Settlers

Tape 11



Time Team Richmond Palace

Time Team Palaeolithic walkway

Howard Carter

Cleopatra’s World

Tape 12

Rise and fall of Spartans pt 1

Rise and fall of Spartans pt 2

Rome the Great Empire

Time Team Roman Greenwich

Tape 13

Roman war machine

Private Lives of Pompeii (SP)

Time Team Flag Fen Bronze Age

Time Team Montana Dinosaurs

Tape 14

Time Team Roman Greenwich

Secrets of Stone Age final part

Egypt: hidden history

Roman Empire: hidden history

Ancient Inventions

The Greek Gods

Tape 15

Time Team Cornish skeletons

Rebuilding the Past - Iron Age

Time Team Industrial Revolution

Pompeii - Buried Alive

Time Team Banks of Clyde

Time Team Civil War Shrops.

Time Team Coventry Priory end lost (cf tape 18)

Tape 16

Time Team Roman Villa Wilts.

Fall of R. Empire meet ancestors

Time Team (?)

Time Team Oxford

Acropolis - Empires of Stone

Tape 17

Secrets of the Dead

Time Team Bone Cave Iron Age

Time Team Roman Villa Basildon

Lost Necropolis of Alexandria

Time Team Lindisfarne (cf19)

Tape 18

Time Team Coventry Cathedral

Egypt: quest 4 immortality

Time Team Basing House, Tudor

Atlantis Uncovered

Tape 19

Time Team Lindisfarne (SP)(cf17)

Time Team Islay microliths GPS

Time Team Roman London

Time Team Cornish Fogu

Tape 20

Time Team Iron,Bronze,Roman

Roman Roads

Time Team Saxon Norfolk

Colosseum - Empires of stone

Lost children of Ashkelon

Hidden History of Rome

Colosseum part 1(?)

Tape 21

Time Team (?)


Time Team York Live

Mystical monuments of A. Greece

Time Team Potteries

Blood and Honour at 1st Olympics