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Table Tutor - Quick Index

A basic 2-row, 3-column table:

Roses are red
Violets are blue


Useful and optional table attributes.
(In addition to the attributes shown here, there are a few others. The ones here are limited to those that are commonly used, widely supported and mentioned in this tutorial. Consult the BareBones Guide packed with this tutorial for an expanded listing, and consult the latest HTML Reference Library for more on which attributes work with which browsers.)

   CELLPADDING=0 or greater
   CELLSPACING=0 or greater
   BORDER=0 or greater
   WIDTH=pixel or percent value
   HEIGHT=pixel or percent value (not overly reliable)


   WIDTH=pixel or percent value (not overly reliable)
   COLSPAN=1 or greater
   ROWSPAN=1 or greater

Remember, it's very good practice to ALWAYS include </TD>, </TR> and </TABLE> closing tags in your tables. If you don't, you run the risk of large chunks of your page not being rendered in some browsers. Consider yourself warned ;-)


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