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Works pretty good, doesn't it! Now just for giggles, let's add a link from your home page to me at Professional Web Design. Open up home.html and plug it in. Make sure you add the proper TARGET because although I really like you, I don't want to show up in your window.

<TITLE>A Practice Page- Home</TITLE>
<H1 ALIGN=center>You are home.</H1>
Welcome to my homepage! This page should be attractive and easy to navigate because my
teacher Joe, besides being VERY handsome, has taught me the right way to build Frames!
<P><CENTER>Enjoy your stay!</CENTER>
<P>Visit Joe at 
<A HREF="" TARGET="_top">Professional Web Design</A>. 

View the finished product.

Since first writing Frames Tutor, I have gotten many letters from people asking how to load two (or more) frames with one mouse click. This is reasonably easy to do. Since it's a "special occasion" kind of thing, and not normally used to develop framed pages, I'm keeping it kinda sorta separate. Unless you are specifically looking to add this feature to your pages, feel free to skip it.
How to load two (or more) frames with one click.