Nefernefruaten ta-Sherit:
The First True Amarna Princess

Nefernefruaten ta-Sherit and Nefernefrure

Nefernefruaten ta-Sherit (Nefer-nefer-u-aten ta-sheri-t: "The Little Beauty of the Beauties of Aten") was the fourth daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, and the first one to be born at the new capital of Akhet-Aten (Amarna). So, in a way, she is the first 'Amarna' princess. She was probably born in year 8, and her name means The "Ta-Sherit" meaning "little" (or junior) was necessary because Nefernefruaten was also one of Nefertiti's names, and the prenomen of one of the myserious "Ankh(et)kheperures".

The fate of this Amarna princess is not known. She is shown with her sisters Meritaten and Ankhesenpaaten mourning the death of Meketaten in year 14, her two younger sisters, Nefernefrure and Setepenre, are missing from this scene and may have already died. Some have theorized that Nefernefruaten was married to a foriegn king, but that seems unlikely based on Egypt's political scene; foriegn princesses were always sent to Egypt, but Egyptian princesses were never sent to a foriegn nation. Nefernefruaten most likely died at Akhet-Aten, before Tutankhaten and Ankhesenpaaten came to the throne.

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