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Unit 1 Introduction and Overview

15 to 25 hours
Go over syllabus and course outline
Photo History Procedure Sheet
Chapter 1 History Worksheet / Read and fill out and go over in class.
Photo History Video and video worksheets.
Photographer presentations
Test on Chapter 1 part 2 of test is list of events and order they come in

Review of Elements of Art and Principles of Design
Go over guidelines for collage
Homework: Bring in photos for collage. Students can xerox personal photos or use magazines, etc.
Students use cut-out photos black, white and one color
Create photo collage

Discussion of the power of photographs/ photos as statements of time periods
Write a paragraph about a photo that has had an impact on them.

Unit 2 The Pinhole Camera

Construction, decoration and use
15 to 20 hours

Start building camera
Start going over darkroom procedures before students get done with cameras
Have students do light-tight test before painting camera
Light leak tests.
Grade completed cameras at about the 8th week
Test on darkroom procedure
Students must make 90 or above in order to use darkroom
Make-up test for failures and verbal check on others in order to gain access to the darkroom

Unit 3 Photographic Images: Exposure, processing, composition
20 t0 35 hours

Composition found in chapters 3 and 4
Have students do worksheets on composition and go over in class using examples.
Give out assignments and get students started.
After about two weeks, do critique out of about 30 photographs only 2 or 3 will be good and will become a standard for students
Test after chapters 3 and 4 and some practice
Have students do evaluations of some of their work throughout the weeks from evaluation handout
35 mm unit started during last 3 or 4 weeks (optional)
Cameras may be taken home for use on assignments

Unit 4 Photographic Images: Presentation
20 to 35 hours

Parts of this unit may be done on rainy days.
1. Group critique
2. Select photos and begin mounting using specified photo presentation method. (May use text created on computer.)
3. Photo manipulation assignments

Unit 5 Photo Journals
20 to 35 hours

The photo-journal assignments can be done in conjunction with the assignments in Units 3 and 4. I have found that while some students are in the darkroom, other students can get these done while they are waiting.