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You were my angel.

By Guillermo Rendon

Looking for my soul I found you and your clestial appearance blinded my eyes. Developing your wings infront of miself, white as the moon and whit the shine of the sun, you let me see what they were hidding. I understood why you had lost your cloud in the loftiness, and with that you stole my confidence. Sinning une more time, it was yours.

Then you made your petition and not coulding consume my praises, not coulding give you miself as a tribute, not couldin be your oblation, you fallen angel rejected me, the one who perdoned you what God didn't.

You turned around to leave me behind and I could watch your back. That plumage that looks like if it was made of light, was stained with smoke and sulphure. I understood it, the reason stoped my heartbeating forever.

Impure blood runs trough your veins. You are now my demon.