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L. M. Montgomery

Biography and Other Facts

    Lucy Maud Montgomery was born in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island on November 30, 1874.  She attended college in Charlottetown, P.E.I.  At age seventeen, she began working in Nova Scotia for a newspaper, the Halifax Chronicle.  While a great deal of her life was spent in cities, her books reflect her love of the island from which she came.  For a time, she lived in Prince Edward while teaching school and taking care of her grandmother.  L. M. Montgomery married the Reverend Ewen MacDonald and they moved to Ontario.  The year 1942 saw L. M. Montgomery's death.

   L. M. Montgomery wrote over 20 novels and many, many short stories.  Among her most famous books are the Anne of Green Gables novels.  She is also noted for the Emily of New Moon trilogy.  Her books have inspired millions.

   Anne of Green Gables has been translated into seventeen languages.  It has also seen success in the form of plays and movies based on the books. 

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