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Enjoy the story everyone!
DISCLAIMER: I am in no way associated with Hanson, or their company. This story I rate it about a PG because there is some swearing, and just a little bit of violence with weapons and such. Anyhow Iíll give a brief discription of what the stories about: Itís about Hanson getting their house forclosed by an owner named Hollow Love seed who owns a bank called Hollowís bank. He has a wife and two girls. Hansonís family disappeared without a trace leaving Isaac, Taylor, and Zac behind. Anyhow they plan on killing Hollow but it didnít quite end up like that. This isnít meant to offend anybody. This story is FALSE and none of this has ever happened and never will. I hope you enjoy the story.
The Graphic for this story was made by Monica Geist!
This story may not be reprinted in any way, shape, or form without written permission from the author.

Started on: 2/19/2001 - Finished on: 10/12/2001

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