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Katrina's Z' Star Afghans, Art & Dog Snoods!

My Art , Snoods & Z' Star Afghans

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Mosaic art, stained glass, garden stones & lots of snoods! The mosaic art & garden stones are done with pieces of stained glass, broken plates & tile. Each piece has its own unique look! Almost every color Afghan color can be done. Please see my Art links above for other pieces that I have created. This will also give you a chance to see pics posted in more detail. Added to my Art pg 2 is Afghan decals, pottery pieces & tiles. Page 3 has jewelry & painted items. The additional links have Fun Garden pieces besides other non Afghan Hound items, some work put into use, items for sale or can be ordered & a link of Artist friends you can contact...Take a peek & leave a note in my guest book that you stopped by & of course contact me if you have questions!! Dog snoods & more snoods for your Afghan Hound, Saluki, Setter & Spaniels! So many fabrics to pick from basic to fancy - cottons, rayon, polyester & silk. Browse thru the three links of the many fabrics available. I do have a few snoods available now to buy at my Bonanzle store booth link. There are many more fabrics to choose from that are not even listed. If you have a favorite color or fabric, just let me know. Do check back as I am always adding new things, especially to my Art page!!!!!! Katrina Hatch, North Port, Florida