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    Our main objective is
    FUN! FUN! FUN!
    Think I'll join this little group
    I'll run in quickly and get the scoop,
    Then off I will go on my merry way,
    Oh No! They want me to play.
    They are all so nice to me,
    Just the way family should be.
    So I warn you now you had better stop,
    'Cause you become family when you join FLOP.
    Beginner or Pro makes no never mind,
    You will surely love what you find!
    So get your disclaimer right away,
    Then you will be able to play.
    And now meet our Great Staff!

    Jesus aka Jesus ~~Supreme Leader
    Smartimarti98 aka Marti~~Leader-Da'Fearless Leader
    Sunshine671210 aka Karen~Co-Leader-Da'FearlessJr.
    AngelicLock aka Alice~Recipes/ Oldies DJ /Alphas
    Angelstouchu aka Vicki~asks /blessing
    Flopbaby aka April Tagger/TOT Contest
    Donna94025 aka Donna ~Tutorials
    Fudge Truffle aka Fudge ~Daily Challenge
    FlopsNanaMa aka Dorrace~Word Games
    Flops bunyears aka Bunny~Daily
    Justmoi109 aka Marge~Anniversaries & Birthdays
    KathyIW32252 aka Kathy~Tube Challenge
    MyCissy49 aka Cissy~Smow/Funny of the day
    VSTFW aka Val Question of the day

    To be able to view all that we have to
    offer, you must have Compuserve, AOL,
    or another Internet provider that
    allows and accepts embedded images.
    We will not accept anyone that has a provider
    that will not allow images to be embedded.
    in your mail.

    I want to join in the fun...
    Send me a disclaimer for FLOP!!

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    Links for your viewing pleasure!

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    SUGARPLUM'S~Fudges & Teabreads