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Welcome to York Enterprises

Welcome to York Enterprises! We believe to get the active homebuilder back to the "grass roots" of aviation. York Enterprises is proud to annouce that they have the plans available for the Laser Z-200. We are also working in comjunction with the Ultimate Biplane Corp. to bring this wonderful biplane back into the world of aerobatics. Whether you wish to have the classic look of a biplane or the clean look of a monoplane.

Both Devin and Ed York are both active homebuilders and have there own projects on the go. Devin and Ed have about 25 years exprience in the homebuilding field. Devin currently work as an aircraft sturctual mechinic here in Ontario Canada. As well as being homebuilders they are both active in the EAA and ICA

Devin's interest in flying started at a young age he started building RC models at 9 years old. By the time he was 16 he obtained his glider rating with the Candaian Air Cadets. At the age of 18 he soloed the families C-150. Ed also has his pilots rating and enjoys flying the C-150.

We have a strong interest in home builing and let us help your dreams of your homebuilt be able to be your dream flying in the sky.

Feel free to contact us at (519)797-2930 drop us a line at

Here at York Enterprises we specialize in

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