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Gibson Cemetery, Washington County, Arkansas

Cincinnati, Arkansas
Washington County

The Gibson Cemetery is a very small cemetery that is no longer in use. It is located directly in the front yard of a private residence, and has been taken care of by the landowner. This is an old cemetery, and some of the stones are worn or damaged to the point of being unreadable.

To find this cemetery from Fayetteville, Arkansas, travel west on Highway 62 through the towns of Farmington, Prairie Grove, and Lincoln. Look for the junction of 62 and Highway 59 at Summers, AR. Turn north on 59 toward Cincinnati, AR. One record describes the cemetery as being "1 1/4 mile south of Cincinnati on 59, on the west side of the road". If you see County Road 74 and County Road 814, you've gone too far. Be very respectful. This cemetery is situated right in someone's front yard. Once you see the yard, you can't miss the tombstones. I came with someone who knew the property owner, but no one was home.

This transcription was recorded by Shannon Seyler and Dianna Payne on September 22, 2008. Please write with any questions or comments.

An asterisk (*) denotes burials that are said to be in this cemetery, but whose headstones we did not personally record. It doesn't mean that these people aren't there, but simply that we didn't see their graves on this particular visit. Some of these stones were quite difficult to read.

*BURKETT, Beulah
Daughter of G.W. and M.A.
d. September 26, 1888

BURKETT, George G.
Son of G.W. and M.A.
d. September 7, 1881

BURKETT, George W.
June 5, 1846-May 19, 1938
Note: One record gives the death date as May 13.

BURKETT, James Ralph
February 10, 1883-June 22, 1916

*BURKETT, Lizzie Kate
Daughter of G.W. and M.A., Age 22
d. July 31, 1886

Daughter of G.W. and M.A.
September 20, 1874-August 10, 1915

*BURKETT, Matilda A.
Wife of George W.
Age 38
d. January 13, 1889

*BURKETT, George W.
June 5, 1846-May 13, 1938

GIBSON, Barbara
Age 56
July 17, 1802-July 30, 1858

GIBSON, Daniel
Co. E 17 Ark. Inf. CSA
September 11, 1836-January 19, 1862

*GIBSON, George
January 6, 1795-February 27, 1863

GIBSON, Grizzie R. Moore
Wife of J. Gibson
September 30, 1830-May 29, 1890
Note: One record gives the death date as July 28, 1890.

d. August 31, 1869

GIBSON, James Daniel
Son of J. and Grizzie
d. June 19, 1871

GIBSON, James L.
Son of S. and M.E.
October 28, 1876-August 10, 1877

GIBSON, John McPhail
Son of J. and Grizzie
d. November 7, 1869
Note: I thought that McPhail was the last name on this stone,
but an old record lists this as John McPhail Gibson.

Pvt. Co. A 34 Ark. Inf. CSA
Age 40
Husband of Virginia Gibson
August 20, 1824-November 28, 1864

GIBSON, Patrick
August 20, 1842- January 10, 1844

GIBSON, Samuel
Son of G. and B. Gibson
November 2, 1822-February 19, 1849

*GIBSON, Virginia P.
Wife of John
Age 76
March 20, 1824-November 29, 1900