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Bell Cemetery: Washington County, Arkansas


Near Prairie Grove
Washington County, Arkansas

* * *

Upon initially typing this transcription, we didn't know the name of this cemetery. We called it the Lutrell Cemetery, because that was the only readable last name we could find on the stones. But after examining several sources, it appears that we have found the ruins of the Bell Cemetery.

This is an abandoned cemetery in Washington County, Arkansas. Apparently, it was once a much larger cemetery, but has been all but destroyed. We only found a few readable stones. Apparently, from what we've learned, this cemetery had most of its headstones torn out years ago so the land could be used as a cow pasture. Stones were reported to have been thrown into a ditch. I have seen a letter dated from the 1990s urging prosecution for grave desecration in regard to this cemetery, but it is unclear if anything came of it. The letter states that not only the Lutrell family members were buried here, but also people by the names of Bell, Null, Phipps, Brownlee, and Thurman.

Note: We now have the names of some other people said to be buried here. Look at the bottom of this transcription.

The tiny portion of the cemetery remaining is fenced off, but hasn't been taken care of. This section contains the Luttrell graves. There are dead branches and other debris around the stones. There was a lot of mud around it on this visit, and transcribing it was rather messy business.

The cemetery is located in a pasture, and is somewhat difficult to find. Coming from Prairie Grove, AR, drive north on Viney Ridge Road for a few miles. You will eventually see a turn on the right for Washington County Road #66. Watch carefully for the cemetery on your left, a little bit after turning onto #66. It is enclosed inside a run-down fenced area.

NOTE: Use caution when approaching this cemetery. While doing the transcription, I was accosted by some people who refused to speak to me, even after I spoke to them in a friendly tone and explained my business there. They were staring in a hostile manner and were totally silent. They were clearly attemping to intimidate me off the property (which may or may not have been theirs). They went toward another person in my party, and also refused to speak to him. I doubt that these individuals were related to anyone in the cemetery, because it was so obviously uncared for. Their behavior was very strange. Again, approach with caution. If anybody can manage to get further than we did, look for signs of other burials.

This cemetery was transcribed by Shannon Seyler and Randal Seyler on January 26, 2007. Write with any comments or questions.

August 1, 1823-August 26, 1894

August 17, 1839-February 24, 1915

(Shelton and Louisa share a double stone.)

sone of S.B. and M.L. Luttrell
Age 19
D. March 11, 1885

April 6, 1873-September 29, 1868


Here are some names of people reported to be buried in the Bell Cemetery, but whose stones we did not find. These names were gathered over 25 years ago, and even then, there were reports of broken, buried and overturned tombstones.

BELL, J.C. and family
(no other information currently available)

BELL, Thomas Milton
Son of J.M. and Elizabeth Bell
February 3, 1863-August 22, 1867

Son of W.W. and Sarah, age 6
d. November 15, 1860

wife of W.W. Brownlee
June 18, 1831-April 13, 1858

Age 65
d. November 18, 1884, age 65

NULL, Sarah A.
Daughter of W.W. and Sarah Brownlee
Age 19
d. February 14, 1871

Son of J.D. and M. Phipps
February 15, 1881-June 19, 1881

PHIPPS, Eliza B.
June 6, 1880-January 27, 1881

PHIPPS, Henrietta
Daughter of W.W. and Sarah Brownlee
Age 22 years
d. January 31, 1880

son of J.D. and H.H. Phipps
December 24, 1876-November 1, 1882

Daughter of J.D. and H.H. Phipps
December 6, 1878-January 27, 1881

Daughter of J.D. and M. Phipps
d. November 18, 1884