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The Rosicrucian Fellowship is an international association of Christian Mystics, founded in 1909 by Max Heindel, with International Headquarters in Oceanside, California, U.S.A. It was created for the purpose of promulgating a definite, logical, and sequential teaching concerning the origin, evolution, and future development of the World and Man, showing both the spiritual and scientific aspects, and allowing for a union of Science and Religion. The Rosicrucian Fellowship has been teaching Rosicrucian Philosophy and Astrology for 92 years and publishes all the necessary material for this study. The Rosicrucian Teachings make no statements that are not supported by reason and logic, but they are not offered as the last word on the subject. They are not dogmatic, but offer facts and principles, about which the student must think and work to develop his own conviction and evolve his own understanding. There are no dues or tuition fees. All expenses of the organization are met by free-will offerings and the sale of books. Students have the opportunity to help in this great Work as the heart dictates and means permit. The Rosicrucian Fellowship offers correspondence courses in Rosicrucian Philosophy, Spiritual Astrology and Bible Interpretation in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, on a free-will offering basis. "In mysticism the eagle is a symbol of initiation (the spinal Spirit Fire), and by this is explained the inability of the unregenerated world to understand the Secret of the Rose Cross." ( Manly P. Hall) [ The background picture was courteously designed by Reinhards.]


THE ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP International Website with Book Library, Astrological Programs, New Age Bible Interpretation and much more.
Fraternidade Rosacruz - Centro do Rio de Janeiro
Fraternidade Rosacruz de Portugal
Fraternidade Rosacruz - Sede Central do Brasil
Fraternidade Rosacruz - Centro de Santo André
L'Associazione Rosacrociana
Association Rosicrucienne - Centre de Paris
Association Rosicrucienne - Centre de Toulouse
Rosen-kreuser - Germany
Bücher von Max Heindel - Switzerland
Fraternidad Rosacruz - Centro de Bogotá
Rosenkreuzerski Pogled na Svijet
Mystic Christianity
Rosicrucian Light
Rayos de la Rosa Cruz
Fraternidad Rosacruz - Centro de Madrid


Christian Rosenkreutz
Rosicrucian in Lebanon
Christian Rosenkreuz
Ecos da Rosacruz
The Message of the Stars
A Mensagem das Estrêlas
Inquiring Minds

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