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DanCCer's Comic Characters

DanCCer's Comic Characters

Hi=).Well im rebuilding this page yet again. There are quite a few "special event" characters I also made that I havnt added.My personal ones for holidays,some I made for a comic chat wedding, and one I made for a disabled girl.

Im currently working on a few more new ones as well,so check back later to find them posted =)

My latest characters, are in the top two rows, and were made in 2000 and 2001.The others are from 1998 and 1999.They were originally made for friends and were remakes of original characters that were about at that time..I have just renamed them as they were originally named after the chatters I made them for..

Please note all my characters start with DCCR, so thats how to find them in your character list.Right click on the characters picture ,and select save target as ,and it will download to you .. make sure you save it in the Comic Chat program, under /program files/cchat( or some say "microsoft Comic chat" and then into the comicart folder in the program.. if you dont store them there ,the program wont be able to run them..