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The Treasure Stop

Welcome....Fellow Treasure Hunter.

Below you will find a diverse array of helpful information about treasure hunting. If you have a specific question about any facet of treasure hunting not covered, please email me and I will do my best to help you out.

First of all, what are we looking for:

Treasure (defined): something of great value, something sought after, a unique item, or special knowledge. It can be found, learned, bought, earned or won.

How much treasure is out there:

Interesting Fact: There is TEN TIMES more money hidden on and in this earth; than what is currently in circulation. About 6 billion dollars worth of Spanish Treasure, alone, still lies in shallow water areas of the oceans, where Spanish Ships broke up on the rocks.

How do you find it:

Knowledge is the key: Knowing how, when and where to look makes all the difference.

Where do you start:

Click on each of buttons below to access this information. Each one takes you to a separate page devoted to that particular subject.

- Click here for information on The Basics: What to get & How, When & Where to Treasure Hunt.

- Click here for Common Metal Detecting Terms -Defined.

- Click here for the Treasure Hunters - Code of Ethics

- Click here for TV show listings about Treasure Hunting.

- Click here for links to other Treasure Hunting Web Sites.

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