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Mystic Gardens: The Fox Den

Sorry, this site is no longer being updated, it's just left up for anyone who might be interested. I now run a fox sanctuary.
Welcome to the foxes' den! You will find all kinds of things on my favorite animal, the fox and lots of other beautiful creatures. If you're like me, you search for hours for fox pictures for your website, or for fox toys and products. It's impossible to find anything! So, what I have found, I've brought to you here, at this site. No more searching! Come here and follow the links! I welcome all additions! Do you have animal graphics, links to places to buy fox stuff, stories, drawings, anything you would like to add? Please e-mail me or sign my guestbook.

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Sorry, this site is no longer being maintained. It was created many years ago and is just being left up for anyone who finds it interesting. Please check out new site all about pet fox care, wild foxes, and photos and stories about my rescue foxes at Mystic Gardens Fox Sanctuary.

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Foxes, foxes, foxes

Read my site's introduction to find out a little more about this place and veiw my furry code.
Info. Read about the fox. Get to know him.
My drawings and artwork of foxes and a few other critters.
All things foxy! Fox graphics (and lots of other animal graphics, too) you can snatch for your own site and links to places to buy fox things.
Links and rings to other fox hideouts.
A list of cartoons with foxes in them. (There are some good pictures, too).
Learn about having a fox as a pet. Read stories of fox owners' experience and what you could expect if you had your own fox.
Sounds of the fox. Hear the adorable and beautiful sounds the this amazing creature makes. Take a listen!
New Mystic Gardens Forum!
A note to photographers. If you find one of your pictures without proper credit on my site or would like to contribute a picture of your own, please see this page.