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Rebel Creek Magic Bogie

1999 Palomino pinto gelding.

This boy is after my heart!When I found his dam all I could see was a nose sticking out. I called my husband and the vet. "We have a major problem", I told them. "I can't find the legs!"
After which seemed like an eternity the vet arrived. We asked him to please save the mare. He was a new vet in town. Our vet, Randy, was in a surgery, so the new vet was the lucky one to make the call. He was great!
He gave Bogie's dam a shot to stop the pushing and shoved the foal back in. After finding the legs Bogie shot out with such pressure it knocked the Doc against the back of the stall! And 'lo and behold' there was BOGIE!
I fell in love and he has shown his little heart out for me. Bogie has had a fantastic Show Career!

Bogie has placed every time he has gone into the ring! What a great time he and I have had!

Check out his show record!

Pinto World - 3rd in Halter
AMHR Nationals Reserve Champion owned and bred by
AMHR Nationals - Top 10 Halter
AMHR Nationals - Top 10 Amateur Halter
AMHR Nationals - 4th in Liberty

All-Star Performers - First Place in Halter
All-Star Performers - 7th in Owned and bred by!
NW Arkansas - Reserve Grand Champion
Oklahoma 5 Star Horse Show - Reserve Grand Champion
Illinois State Fair - Grand Champion
Oklahoma Sizzler - Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion
And many other placings in 2000!

All-Star Top Performers - Top 10 Model B Gelding
All-Star Top Performers - Top 10 2 YO. Halter Gelding
All-Star Top Performers - Top 10 Owned and Bred by
All-Star Top Performers - Top 10 Amateur Halter Gelding
AMHR Nationals - Reserve Champion 2 YO. Open Geldings
AMHR Nationals - Reserve Champion Owned and Bred by
AMHR Nationals - Reserve Champion Produce of Dam

Area IV Champion Gelding
Pinto World - World Champion Aged Stallion or Gelding
Pinto World - World Champion Ideal Pinto Driving
Pinto World - World Champion Pleasure Driving
Looking forward to the 2002 AMHR Nationals!

Thank You Bogie!! with my Love, Mom.