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Roadside Wildflowers

Photograph © by Wayne Meddley
Horsemint - Monarda Punctata

I took the picture above in Lake Catherine State Park. I found it growing near a camp site and was not a very exciting flower. I got a reasonable close-up of it and this is the results. I was completely surprised when I saw the picture blown up to about a 4 X 6 inch. The picture above is about 6 X 8 inches.

Taking pictures of wildflowers is one of my favorite photography subjects. I never got into it much until I got a digital camera a couple of years ago. Using a 35mm camera, the film and lens were too expensive to experiment a great deal. Developing and printing the film was another expense. With the digital camera I can take pictures until my heart is content. I can print only the ones I want so I can control the expense of printing. I have a total of 96 pictures here and have identified most of them. I have several books that helps me identify wildflowers but still there is some that I can't find an identity for. If anyone wants to help me identify these wildflowers, I will appreciate it.