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Artesia Resources: Ghosts and Spirits

Ghosts and Spirits

Ghosts and Spirits

The Ghosts (left to right) — the last of Artesia's fellow concubines, murdered by Branimir's loyal soldiers and cursed by the priests of Agall the First Hero and Islik the Divine King to prevent them from entereing the Underworld. Using a magic ritual taught to her by Lysia's ghost, Artesia linked their spirits to her own to save them from being lost in Limbo. Not pictured are Arraca, a Middle Kingdomer from Newgate, and Iolande, a Highlander from the Av-Faelen clan, whose spirits were not found by Urgrayne the Witch Queen and hence are presumed to be lost.

Nema of Myr Iras — the eldest of Bran's concubines and chief amongst them. She was Daradjan by birth, and received her education and upbringing from the Highland's most famous courtesan of recent memory, Sela Maras of An-Athark. Nema's voice was so renowned that she was called the Song Bird. She once bore Bran a son, Colwin, but he died during his first winter.

Sura — originally from the Middle Kingdoms port city of Nomath, the daughter of a Maecelander woman and a Golan sailor. Seeking a more tolerant environment in which to raise her daughter, her mother brought her to the Highlands when she was still young and they entered into the service of Bran's father, King Coromir. Sura was once pregnant with a son by Bran, but he was still-born.

Hethis — the youngest and newest of Bran's concubines and Bran's most recent favorite. Originally from the ancienct city of Lagapoli, in the Palatian protectorate of Déskédré, she had been trained as a prostitute in that city's famous temples devoted to Dieva, the Evening Star. Hethis came south with a merchant caravan after hearing a singer's tales of barbarian kings and queens in the Harath Eduins.

Lysia of Sess Pogue — enchantress, seer, magician and councilor to Bran and Artesia, and considered the highest ranking member of Bran's household. No one was sure how old Lysia was; she was th elder sister of Caila, the mother of Ferris, one of Artesia's mercenary captains. Rumors claimed that Lysia had hunted with Adjia Luna as one of her Companions when she was younger, and that she had been trained in magic by Urgrayne the Witch Queen herself. Lysia led the young Bran to the lair of the great black wolf that for a time terrorized Dara Dess and the upper valley of the Gail Shara, which he then slew, thus gaining his sobriquet of the Wolf. When Artesia first came to the Highlands, Lysia found her soon after she crossed the Djar Éduins and brought her to Dara Dess to become part of Bran's household.

The War Spirits — Artesia was still young when her mother taught her spells and rituals to summon and bind a helping spirit. Of all the spirits in the world — song and word spirits, kiln spirits and salamanders, guardian spirits and banshees, sirens and graces, furies and oracle spirits, storm spirits and earthshakers, star children and nightmares, nymphs and sun devils, to name but a few — Artesia chose to summon a war spirit as her muse. Three of those cthonic spirits arrived to be bound. In appearance virtually identical, they are the children of the Gorgonæ, the Triple War Goddess, and were Artesia's first and secret tutors at the arts of arms and warfare.

Mormo — a daughter of Mogran the Riot Goddess. She is a spirit capable of inducing and controlling terror and discord.

Charize — a daughter of Halé the Goddess of Slaughter. She can inspire strength, cause weakness, and provoke rage.

Demidice — a daughter of Medüre, the Cunning One. She inspires courage and can evoke cowardice, and as befits her mother is the most given to dispensing advice and instruction.

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