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White Angel

There is a story here; it is all the truth, that I will tell to you. Late one night, as I was driving fast along a darkened road, not thinking of my life. As I came speeding by, there was a lady there all dressed in white. She was standing at the corner and passed in front of my car. I was so frightened that my car would hit her, and kill her in the street. She seemed to be holding something also dressed in white. I then began to think that it was an infant child. I had to slow my car down enough not to hit her, the lady in white, as I passed her by. I looked at the other side of the street to see if she was all right. But, there was no-one standing there by the wayside. The lady had disappeared into thin air. Just as I slowed my car down at the stop sign, seems like a demon from hell came by. A big black car going 100 miles an hour passed me at the stop sign. Thank God, and my White Angel, that I had slowed down. You know I would be dead if she hadn't come on by, and saved my life.Now as I look behind me and think about that again. It wasn't a package she was carrying or an infant child; as I see it in my mind. God's White Angel just had folded wings. Remember there are Angels amongst us, all the time; and when you are in danger they can save your life.

@original created by:
Dottie Fontaine ©