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FACE=BlackChancery>Bizarre Poem
~~The Grim Reaper ~~

Clouds of darkness surrounding me. A face in the mirror I could see, the Grim Reaper. He was disfigured, pale and gray. Makes me shiver till this day. His face glaring into the darkened room, a face of gloom. He frightened me at first, but then I couldn't move. I was frozen to the bed. His sad, dark eyes of centuries old; thank God they passed me by. He looked so sad. He did not lure me to come inside the picture frame, to my surprise. He had a black cloak upon his head, and his gray skin did speak of death. Now, I'm shivering at the knees. I then felt pity for his fate and sorrow for his distorted face. He can not rest into his grave. He lives so long; meets and greets the souls he must take home. Grim reaper of the dead. I had some pity for this soul and knew he had a job to toll. But, why did he pick on me? For in the mirror I could see; he just came to say hello and say "your mama's sister just had to go". Three days later I had a call, my auntie died after all. I wasn't frightened anymore when he came upon my door, just to say hello and "it's not your time to go".

by Dottie Fontaine