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Ghosts In The House

It's Halloween Night
I had such a fright
Come inside, and I'll
tell you my plight.

When I came home last night
from the corner of my eye,
a white, wispy, shadow
quickly passed me by.

Standing in the dim-lit hall,
I was startled,
and had to catch my breath,
But, the smoky, white vapor
disappeared into thin air.

Slowly I walked up
the stairs, and
passed the chair.

I sensed someone
sitting there!
Who are you?
He hasn't told me yet.

I went into the kitchen
and the kitchen burner
lit, all by itself.
The smoke alarm kept
beeping at me, so,
I threw it
down the steps.

But, alas,
it wouldn't stop!
My vcr suddenly
came on and made
a strange noise.
I don't know how,
I don't know why.
I just wonder if there
are ghosts in the house.

I tried to sleep,
but, in the darkness
someone strange creeped
into the bed with me.

So, I turned on the light
and ran out the room.
It wasn't a cat
or even a mouse.
Could there be
ghosts in the house?

I wonder why
the clock starts beeping,
the stereo starts playing,
and something is creeping
across my floor.

I walk upstairs
and there's foot-steps
right behind me.
I wonder who he is?
I hope it's my beloved
of whom has passed away.
I hope he's here to protect
me from any kind of harm,
from such a long
and weary day.

Wait a minute,
who is that going through the wall?

And who is that walking in the hall?

Then, the phone rang,

A chill ran down my spine,
for there was just a hideous groan.
Is this a sign, that there are
ghosts in the house?
It gave me such a scare.
I wish they'd all get out!

Like I said
I think there are some
ghosts in the house!

Then I looked toward the graveyard
and saw them standing there;
two vampire lovers
looked at me and stared.

It's Halloween night.
I looked out my window
And saw such a fright.
A Weirdo Horseman
just passed by!
I think he was once dead!
Watch out for the horseman,
For soon he won't have a head!

Oh, My! Do you see
the alien in the tree?

Who is that over there?

The witch is stirring her brew.
Drink some; Heh! Heh! Heh!
It's cooked now
Just for you!

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