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Beyond The Walls

When I was just a little girl
lying upon my bed,
I wondered if there could be
another passageway,
just beyond the walls.
I found myself
in a secret place,
hiding behind a chair.
I peeked around the corner
and behold, "She"
was standing there,
in the middle of the room!
So gentle, well-dressed
jet-black hair,
skin so fair,
her face so familiar,
like my Mom's.
Her dress was 18th Century,
long and full and blue.
Very strange was
the lady's hair-do.
I observed heavy draperies
hanging by the chair,
French antiques, a dining set,
and a crystal chandelier.
But, "She" and I
had never really met.
Golly, Geez I wish I were
the lady of this house!
She moved so slowly,
her voice so sweetly said,
"You can come out now;
I can see you there",
to my astonishment!
I stood and faced her.
She was so beautiful!
Her eyes glowed upon me,
as if she knew me well.
I felt so loved inside.
I thought to stay for good.
She asked me if I wanted to,
for I enjoyed the Peace.
But, I said "oh, no, no,
my Mom would grieve for me"
She agreed.
We talked a long while.
She told me not to fret,
and to come back soon again,
just anytime at all.
Then my eyes popped open
upon my bed.
Well, at least I wasn't dead!
I went to see my Auntie,
and saw her picture there.
Seems she was my Granny;
the same, lovely lady
I saw beyond the walls.
I have learned a secret,
but, something I must tell.
It's nice to be in heaven
talking to the dead.
My Grandma had
long been laid to rest.
I know she's waiting for me,
to greet me there again,
the pretty young lady I saw,
beyond the walls.
My Grandma!

Dedicated to my grandmother
Valarie Chiasson(Kitty)
May she always look upon me
from heaven, and is proud
of what she sees.
Original poem by
Dottie (Chiasson) Fontaine