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The Stiner Family - Part I

William Henry Stiner was born in 1830 in Mississippi or Louisiana and died in 1900. His parents names are unknown. He can be traced back to 1860 in Lawrence County, Arkansas on the census. He married a war widow named Clarissa Angaline Brown Lingo in Lawrence County, Arkansas in 1864. Angaline's had married her first husband, William Lingo near Walnut Ridge (Stranger's Home), Lawrence Co, Arkansas. He served in the Civil War with William Henry Stiner. They were in the First Arkansas Infantry and were both wounded. William Lingo told William Stiner that if he died he wanted W H to go back and marry Angaline and take care of her and their two boys, Wally and Gussie Lingo. William and Angaline Stiner came to Mountain Home where Wally and Gussie died of a fever. They had children Jacob Henry Stiner (also buried in Fluty cemetery with his wife and daughter), John Stiner and Mary Stiner Beamon. Anagline was said to be from Posey Co, IN, where she had at least two sisters.

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W. H. Stiner Headstone

The full inscription reads:

W H Stiner

The engraved words on this stone are in an arched pattern and the stone itself comes to a point in the middle. The stone measures "H x "W x "D.

It is located in the center rear section of the cemetery. If facing the headstones and the front gate of the cemetery, W. H.'s headstone is on the right with Angaline's on the left. Graves nearby include Jacob and Laura B Stiner and many fieldstone grave markers.

Angaline Stiner Headstone

The full inscription reads:

1840 ---- 1932

This stone measures "H x "W x "D.

It is located to the left of W. H.'s stone if facing the entrance gate.

According to the December 9, 1932, issue of the "Baxter Bulletin", Mrs. Angline Stiner was born December 1, 1840 and died November 28, 1932, at her son's, J. H. Stiner, of Gamaliel. She married in 1864, to Henry Stiner. They had two sons, J. H. Stiner of Gamaliel and John Stiner of West Plains, MO; and one daughter, Mrs. Mary Beamon, of Bellview, Washington. She belonged to the Christian Church and was buried at the Fluty Cemetery beside her husband.

In that same issue appeared a Memorium for 'Grandma Stiner' put in by her granddaughter, Mrs. Elbert Stinnett.

Later, on January 20, 1933, issue of the "Baxter Bulletin", the following appears: Angeline Stiner, age 91, died on November 28, 1932, at Gamaliel.