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~*~*~*~CeeDees Poems~*~*~*~
This is the first page I ever made lol
I kinda hate to take it down
So I decided to leave it up
And go back and look at it ever so often
This way I can see just how far I've come
In making web pages
rose of peace

~*~*~Portrait Of A Friend~*~*~

    I Can't Give Solutions To All

    Of Life's Problems Doubts Or Fears

    But I Can Listen To You

    And Together We Will

    Search For Answers

    rose of peace

    I Can't Change Your Past

    With All It's Heartache And Pain

    Nor The Future With It's Untold Stories

    But I Can Be There Now

    When You Need Me To Care

    rose of peace

I Can't Keep Your Feet From Stumbling

I Can Only Offer My Hand

That You Grasp It And Not Fall

Your Joys Triumphs Successes

And Happiness

Are Not Mine Yet

rose of peace

I Can Share in Your Laughter

Your Decisions In Life

Are Not Mine To Make Nor To Judge

I Can Only Support You

Encourage You

And Help You When You Ask

rose of peace

I Can't Prevent You From Falling

Away From Friendship

From Your Values

From me

I Can Only Pray For You

Talk To You

And Wait For you

rose of peace I Can't Give You Boundaries

Which I Have Determined For You

But I Can Give You

The Room To Change

Room To Grow

Room To Be Yourself

rose of peace I Can't Keep Your Heart From Breaking

But I Can Cry With You

And Help You Pick Up The Pieces

And Put Them Back In Place

rose of peace I Can't Tell You Who You Are

I Can Only Love You

And Be Your Friend

rose of peace Thanks All Of You

For Being The Friend You Are To Me

Friends Are The

Best Part Of One's Life

That And Happiness

Love You All

rose of peace

~*~*~When Things Go Wrong~*~*~
rose of peace
When Things Go Wrong

As They Sometimes Will

When The Road Your're Trudging

Seems All Up Hill

When The Funds Are Low

And The Debts Are High

And You Want To Smile

But You Have To Sigh

rose of peace

When Care Is Pressing

You Down A Bit

Rest If You Must

But Dont You Quit

Life Is Queer

With Its Twist And Turns

As Everyone Of Us

Sometimes Learns

rose of peace

And Many A Failure

Turns About

When He Might Have Won

Had He Stuck It Out

Don't Give Up Though

The Pace Seems Slow

You May Succeed

With Another Blow

rose of peace

Success Is Failure

Turned Inside Out

The Silver Tint

Of The Clouds Of Doubt

And You Never Can Tell

How Close You Are

It May Be Near

When It Seems So Far

rose of peace

So stick to the fight

When You're Hardest Hit

It's When Things Seem Worse

That You Must Not Quit

~*~*~May Your Day Be~*~*~

rose of peace
May Your Day Be

Filled With Love

May You Hear

The Peaceful Dove

May Your Light

Be Ever Near

May The Very Sound You Hear

rose of peace

Be Gentle Peacefulness

As You Watch

Each Day Unfold

May The Memories Be Gold

For Each Story Lives Untold

There's No Wrong

In Being Old

But A Wondrous Thing To Be

And There's Love

For You and Me

rose of peace

There's The Love

Of Friends Shared

And The Love Of

Those Who've Cared

And The Love

From God Above

In Fact There

Is A World Of Love

rose of peace

Thank You For

Being A Part Of My Life

rose of peace
This Page Is Dedicated

"To All My Friends"

Friends Are Sent

To Us In Many Ways

Cherish Your Friends

And Never Take Them For Granted

This Page Is

For Each One Of You


~*~*~My Love For You~*~*~

rose of peace
I Awake Each Morning

With A Smile On My Face

This World Has Become

Such A Lovely Place

Even Though We Are

A Small Distance Apart

I Can Feel Your Special Love

Here In My Heart

rose of peace

I Close My Eyes

And Across This Empty Space

I Can See That Pretty Smile

On Your Lovely Face

When I See You

Or Talk To you

My Heart Sings

When You Kiss Me

Or Hold Me

The Bell Of Love Rings

rose of peace

I Start Each Day

With Loving Thoughts Of You

Why God Has Blessed Me This Way

I Haven't A Clue

I Think The Only Way

That You Can Improve My Life

Is That One Day Soon

You Will Become My Wife

rose of peace

Awww How Sweet

This Was Written For Me

From "A Very Special Man

In My Life"

~*~*~God Must Of Known~*~*~

rose of peace
God Must of known

That At times

we'd need A word of cheer

Someone to praise

Triumph or brush

Away a tear

rose of peace

He must of known

We'd need to share

The joy of little things

In order to appriciate

The happiness

That life brings

rose of peace

I think he knew

Our troubled hearts

would Sometimes throb with pain

At trails and misfortunes

Or some goals We can't attain

rose of peace

He knew we'd need The comfort

of An understanding heart

To give us strength And courage

To make a fresh New start

rose of peace

He knew we'd need Compainionship

unselfess Lasting true

And so God answered

The heart's great need

With a cherished Friend like you

rose of peace

rose of peace

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rose of peace
rose of peace