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I am including here quotes Axl made which I saw on the Making of Estranged videotape. I will not number the quotes as I had done below, since they are all basically from an interview. If you are offended by any swearing, please note that there is some on this page.
W.Axl Rose speaks as follows :
November Rain is a song about not wanting to be in a state of unrequited love. Estranged is acknowledging it and being there and having to figure out what to fucking do. It's like being catapulted out into the universe, and you have no choice about it and having to figure out what the fuck you are going to do, because the things you wanted and worked for just cannot happen, and there is nothing you can fucking do about it. I wrote the song basically about "who" I am, and how I feel, and the breakup with Erin and how I didn't want it to die. I also apply it to a lot of other situations or friendships or family or things where you knew it had to end.I actually had a dream of playing a piano in this song. I started playing the piano, and felt the emotions it was bringing out of me. I don't know of anyone who has a video like this showing their own emotional destruction, and the process of transcending this. It is a communication with Dylan. I am not allowed to communicate with him. I was told one thing and shown another. Dylan is robbed of certain things he likes and I am also. I am making a video of what's going on and how to show it. I ended up (in the scene of Axl sleeping on the ledge in Dylan's room) laying down and having the most peaceful sleep. I needed to do this for myself. I needed to be in that room. It was a strange way for me to spend time with Dylan in my own mind. I had a real heavy sense of peace when I woke up. This video shows a battle thru things. A battle not necessarily over yet in a period of - will he transcend this or not? The dolphins ascimilate a state of peace or grace. It was not originally intended, but the scene was about dying and going to Heaven. (Finds a Heavenly state of grace.) At the conclusion of November Rain, things changed. There was an evolving that took place. It's very hard to rise to or transcend the story the way it was intended. (Axl saw a way thru by finding a way of dealing with it) .....(Another drowning scene)...Don't Cry is ...personally I am more proud of it than anything I've done. Those video's are hard to look at. I was in the process of being "fucked over" when November Rain was coming out. For a period of time I was going to buy the video from the band and put it in storage, but decided to "rise" to it and put it out. I thank Slash after it was done. I hated it, and totally grew to hate the song, even though I liked it. After it was done, I felt so good inside cause it pulled ALL this stuff out of me. The emotions and feelings of not wanting something to die. Caring about another person, and not wanting them to destroy themselves. It can be applied to Steven Adler, or it can be applied to a lot of people. Members of my family, relationship with Erin, or Stephanie. And, there is not a god-damned thing you can do about it and trying to figure that out. This (Estranged) and Coma are the 2 heaviest songs I have ever written. It is wild to be doing this video with the things going on at home and with family. It woulda been nice if it happened with Stephanie and I, but the woman continually worked very subtly at destroying that, and trying to keep me from being here for some fucking reason. I don't's amazing, certain things are happening, and it's nice to realize that - wow, it wouldn't be as cool if she was here, as when she was the person she was with me. Very strange. Deep inside ALL the emotions you realize you do love this person and care about what happens to them. But, not to the point of being a martyr or hurting anyone in my life.
No Controversy Allowed on Axlette's sites! These are a few of the true quotes Axl said. (anything in parenthesees is my little comment,OK!)
1. About his moodswings, mental disorder, whatever you wanna call it : "I'm very sensitive and emotional.Things upset me and make me feel like not functioning or dealing with people". (I know that feeling, babe!)
2. About Izzy : "People talked. They didn't know how painful that was for me. I was considered a dick. Bruce was taking photos and I was steadily crying - blown away."
3. After his wife's miscarriage & their problems : "This house doesn't mean a damn thing to me. This is not what I wanted.To work hard to have this LONELY house on the hill because I am a rich rockstar."
4. About his success : "I did imagine success like this. I had grandiose ideas."
5. About drugs : "I have a responsibility to myself to explain where we are coming from. Noone else spoke about it. Seemed to be something people were afraid to talk about. I think it would be good if people would understand that drugs & alcohol are doing something to deal with their pain, but they are not going to be be allowed to escape it & outrun it forever, without side effects & certain consequences - as far as emotional & mental happiness, & physical condition. Face the reason you get drunk & be prepared to change. I prefer to get rid of excess baggage."
6. The truth : "The truth as in what's right or wrong. The truth more in terms of expressing my feelings."
7. Why rock n roll : "The love of music. The feeling that came out of the words or music became my understanding friend, & I knew I could feel this way. A lot of times it was music in my head." (story of my life)
8. About writing : "Sometimes I enjoy it. At times it's having to go back & experience pain. Like writing coma - I'd write and pass out. Woke up 2 hours later & wrote the whole end."
9. About gays : "I don't make any judgement."
10.About sexual abuse : "I suspected it. The thought suddenly crossed my mind. I had to stop the car & just broke down crying. Such an outpouring had never come out of me.
11. About funtime :"It's hard to go off and have a thrashing good time when you have to deal with these responsibilities."
12. About writing music :"I enjoy writing, but it is painful experiencing what I felt."
13. About GNR : "Nothing ever really works for this band. Slash said God didn't want it to happen, and I sort of believe that."
14.About writing Paradise City : "When I wrote Paradise City it was like being a little kid again and looking up at the sky and saying - WOW, what is all this? It's so big out there./Irish,Scottish in me came out."
15.Just an Axl Comment : "How the fuck did I get so fucking important?"
16."Sometimes I hear girls backstage say I love you, and I think - honey, if you knew me you would hate my guts."
17."Some people say I got a chip on my shoulder."
18. About pressure : "I have a definite survival drive.It was either sink or swim. I calm down when I see that I am sinking, and I rise back up to the surface again."
19. "I've done a lot of emotional work. I found I was basically dead, but still breathing. The only way to get thru this pain was to go back thru everything, re-experience it, and attempt to heal it."
20. "Alcohol hurts my throat."
Well, people that's all for now! I Love Ya Axl! Peace to all.



:)) PEACE & LOVE TO AXL & FANS! From Axlette.