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Webwoman's Place

My Favorite Web Sites:

Crystal's Place
Chris's Homepage
Star's Place
Barbara's Place
Bill's Place

This is the Webwoman. I want to win some Awards!!! Does anyone want to give me one?
Only thing I can tell you is I have 7 kids and I eat Webfood.

I can give you some of my recipes:
Tuna Sandwiches....Tuna,minced onions,(out of bottle) pickle relish,and a fast spoon of miracle whip. Throw it together and slap it on the bread...and run back to the Web!

Crackers and cheese are good.(get the sliced saves time)
Virtual Roman Noodles...put them in a bowl with a little water, and set microwave on 4 minutes...go back to Web while they cook.Wait 10 minutes... Then they are cooked, cooled, and ready to eat!

I drink lots of Webcoffee too!

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