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This is a fact page about Crowfoot. Hope this is helpful and enjoyable.

   Crowfoot was born in 1830. He lived in the open praries and woodlands of the region now known as Alberta

   Crowfoot's childhood name was "Shot Close".

   Crowfoot's parents were: "Packs a Knife" (Istowun-eh'pata) - Father.....His mother was "Attacked Towards Home" (Axkahp-say-pi)

   In 1832, Crowfoot's brother, "Iron Shield" was born. He later became Chief Bull.

   Packs a Knife died a few months later in a raid on the Crows

   In 1835, Crowfoot's mother remarried to "Many Names", who was from the Biter Band. She took Crowfoot's brother "Iron Shield" with her when her and her new husband left, but left Crowfoot behind because she didn't want him to be seperated from his grandfather, "Scabby Bull"

   When Crowfoot was a teenager, he and a large party attacked a Crow camp in Montana. A musket ball was shot through his arm, but he continued on. He broke through the Crow defences, charged into the camp ahead of the others and then collapsed. "Three Bulls", Crowfoot's step-brother, helped him back to camp. Everyone decided Crowfoot was entitled to a hero's name. He chose Isapo-muxica (Crow Indian's Big Foot), which belonged originally to a famous Blackfoot Chief, who had placed his foot in a large footprint in the mud by a fleeing Crow warrior.

   Crowfoot fought in 19 battles and was injured 6 times.

   The chief of the Biter's Band died, which split the band into 2 groups. Many of them followed "Three Suns", but 21 lodges followed Crowfoot. Crowfoot's people called themselves the Big Pipes

   An outbreak of smallpox killed "Three Suns", chief of the Biter's Band. Crowfoot then became chief of both the Biter's band and the Big Pipe's Band.

   In 1866, the tribes were gathering for a Sundance. The women were picking berries for the ceremony when they were attacked by a grizzly bear. Crowfoot urged the people to draw the bear close to them while he snuck up behind the bear and single handedly killed it

   In 1872 "Big Swan" died, leaving Crowfoot and Chief "Old Sun" as the 2 leading chiefs of the tribe. At that time Crowfoot had about 1,300 followers, while "Old Sun" had about 800.

   In March of 1886, "Poundmaker", Crowfoot's adopted son, got out of prison, but died in July while celebrating the Sundance.

   In 1886, Sir John A. Macdonal invited Crowfoot to see Ottawa. "Three Bulls", "Red Crow", and other chiefs also went, but Crowfoot became ill, coughing up blood and had to return.

   In September of 1877, Colonel Macleod and Lieutenant- Governor David Liard drew up Treaty Number 7. Crowfoot persuaded all the chiefs to sign the treaty.

   April 25th, 1890, at Blackfoot Crossing, Crowfoot died of tuberculosis.

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