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The Playpen

Welcome to the playpen. Watch your step, there are pets everywhere! Please stay a while and you will find that they all are very friendly. This page (especially the background) is best viewed with Netscape.




I wanted a flying pet of some sort. Othello seemed to be the perfect flier!
FizzyLink Link Destiny

Fizzy and Destiny

This is Fizzy the frisky Unicorn and Destiny the Butter-corn! I hope you like them. I have put up a link to thier parents, so be sure to drop by and say,"Hi!"

Link Piggy

Guinea Piggie

You can have your variety of guinea pigs at this place.
Link Jenner Headband Food

This Flitchaye is named Jenner

This is a flitchaye weasel that is Redwall related. He has an extra headband for cold days and some weeds for food. Those of you who read the books, horray for you!


Mouse Connor


This cat looks very ticked! I guess it is because he is a vegitarian and has been given a mouse to eat. Anyway, I got him because he looks just like my sister's cat.

Fairy Frog


The Fairy Frog

I usually don't go for the Lisa Frank look, but I wanted an amphibian. This frog fairy was the coolest, so I picked her.




Don't let her name fool you. She is rather peaceful (otherwise she wouldn't be here). She and Sorsha (down below) are best friends.

Pet Rock Link

Pet Rock

Well, this is about it! I finally have a pet rock. I suppose this was inevitable. My father is a geologist. Anyway, I thought it was origional enough to put in the playpen.

Fairy Rat


I got this little fellow at The Misty Mountain. He doesn't fly very well, so he tends to be a bit shy.




Here is my second pet with a Shakespearean name. The reason his certificate has him listed as being a dragon is due to the fact that he came from a Dragon refuge. Go ahead and visit them. They have some pretty cool stuff.

Link Sugar Molecule

Sugar Molecule

This is about the oddest pet I own. Click on the test-tube to get a molecule of your own.

Step Dance 1 Link Step Dance 2

Irish Step Dancers

I am Irish myself, so I decided to show that here.



Jeden (pronounced Yeden)

Yay! I have the link up! Now you can go to this place and get a furre of your own.


Max the Fox

This cute guy is fromAlex's Animals site



Sorsha, the Guardian of the Playpen

She is the gaurdian dragon of all the Playpen pets. Try not to make her angry.

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