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Courtneywuv: What was it like working with all those special effects?
DuVall: It was interesting -- I'd never done it before. There's a lot of waiting involved with sfx, but there was lots of time to play as we waited. After I saw the special effects added, I was impressed!
b_rok123: How was it working with Seth Green in Can't Hardly Wait?
DuVall: He's really funny! I liked him, and he seems like a really good guy.
RupertGilesWalot: How can I contact you (fan mail!!!)?
DuVall: You can send it to my agency -- Innovative Artists in Los Angeles.
Andie__McPhee: Did you meet or work with Kevin Williamson, the writer?
DuVall: I just met him the night of the screening.
jammerpearl: What was your favorite part about making the movie?
DuVall: working with Robert. I'd seen his other stuff... He mentioned his short first film Bedhead, but he never showed it!
lovergirl36: What was it like working with Usher?
DuVall: He really wasn't around much, but he's a nice guy -- lots o' fun.
RupertGilesWalot: Did you or do you have any guest spots on TV shows?
DuVall: Yep -- I did ER and Buffy.
ManOfThought: So do you have a boyfriend, Clea? :)
DuVall: Nope...
tommygyrl13: Which movie did you have more fun working on, Can't Hardly Wait or The Faculty?
DuVall: The Faculty, I was on the set for Can't Hardly Wait for about three hours, and I was sooo sleepy, I have no recollection of being there.
WerewolfOz8414: Who were you on Buffy?
DuVall: I played the Invisible Girl. It was fun!
FiRe_boy00: What kinda movies you like to watch?
DuVall: I wanna see Gods & Monsters. There are soo many I wanna see -- like American History X.
WerewolfOz8414: What do you think about the competition The Faculty has?
DuVall: We're in really good company with the "competition," but they're all soo different.
soccergirl105: Would you do another horror movie?
DuVall: Hmmm... if it were good and I liked the script and character, and the director, sure!
Furby88: What famous movie star do you have a crush on?
DuVall: Hmmm... I don't wanna say.
soccergirl105: What is your favorite song?
DuVall: It's an untitled one by Patsy.
Da_Moviegoer: What was it like working with Jon Stewart?
DuVall: It was sooo much fun -- he's the funniest guy!
Creed_2002: Who's Patsy?
DuVall: Patsy is an L.A.-based band -- very different musical style, and the lead singer's voice is incredible. The lead singer is in another band, Paige, and they just had a CD released.
Da_Moviegoer: Before you began work on The Faculty had you seen any of Robert Rodriquez and Kevin Williamson's movies?
DuVall: Yeah, I loved From Dusk Til Dawn -- it's sooo exciting to watch. The final shot with the back of the bar -- whew! Juliette Lewis was in it, and I also loved her in Natural Born Killers and Cape Fear.
FiRe_boy00: Do you like scary movies?
DuVall: Yeah! Sure I like 'em.
moviefreek: If you were asked to remake The Goonies when they are older, would you do it?
DuVall: I'm too old...
Fod_of_Guck: If you had to would you ever do a nude scene in a movie? If it was necessary for the role?
DuVall: Ummmm... I'm gonna say "maybe". I think it's a lot sexier when you don't see everything.
wizard69_zt: Why is the whole cast of The Faculty on the Tommy commercials?
DuVall: It's a tie-in. Tommy Hilfiger basically sponsored the movie and gave money for marketing, advertising, and some clothes.
WerewolfOz8414: If you could star in the remake of any movie, what would it be?
DuVall: The Snake Pit -- from the 1940s about a woman in a mental institution.
S_P_I_D_E_R_1998: Was the movie hard to make and did everyone do their own stunts?
DuVall: We did about 30 percent of our stunts. I did most of my own, except for a couple of them. There were hard days, but overall it was pretty smooth.
The_New_Santa_Clause: What do you want for Christmas?
DuVall: Knee socks. It's all I can think of now... no one's asked me that this year.

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