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The Boys
By far, One of the Greatest Pictures of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy ever taken

Stan and Babe with Jimmy Finlayson in the silent comedy "Big Business"
Stan and Babe dressed as sailors waving with a monkey on their shoulder
Ollie with a classic stare to the camera
Stan and Babe in "Beau Hunks"
Nice tiled wall paper
Stan and Babe on the street corner
Stan and Babe selling fresh fish
Babe with a smile
Stan with a smile
 Nice wall paper
"Honolulu Baby, where'd you get that smile..."
Stan and Babe together
Nice wall paper
Between takes with Stan, Ollie, and Jimmy Finlayson, a classic picture if you ask me
Stan and Babe as carpenters
Sons of the Desert with Stan, Babe, and Babe's brother-in-law for the show, though he doesn't know it yet.
A sad Stan Laurel
Stan and Ollie outside the Deaf and Dumb institute trying to make some money
Stan and Babe in Laughing Gravy