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Light of the World Tapes

1332 S Spring Ave.

Independence, MO 64055

Light of the World Tapes, an audio and video tape ministry, featuring sermons, lectures, concerts, music, and other programs of special interest to all fundamental members of the Restoration Movement. This ministry was founded in 1994 to provide quality audio taped sermons of well known restoration ministers such as President Israel A. Smith, Apostle Arthur A. Oakman, Apostle Don Chesworth, Elder Evan Fry, and many others. Light of the World Tapes is also the primary tape ministry for the South Crysler Restoration Branch, an independent restoration branch. As such, many of the sermons and other programs occurring at South Crysler Restoration Branch are featured in the catalog of Light of the World Tapes, which may be reached using the link above. There is also an order form which may be printed and used to order audio and video tapes from Light of the World Tapes. Thank you for visiting our Web site and we hope to hear from you soon. Inquiries, comments, or suggestions for this Web site may be directed to the address below.

Seeking to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and to share His message

We are

Light of the World Tapes

Doctrine & Covenants 94:5c Therefore verily thus saith the Lord, let Zion rejoice, for this is Zion, The Pure in Heart.

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