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James Olive, the second son of William Olive, was born in 1713 in Virginia. Until recently there was little known about the background of "Old James", as he is refered to by the family. James was the father of seven sons and maybe two daughters. He seems to have arrived in Wake County North Carolina around 1740. Many descendants remain in Wake County near the area when James settled.

The sons of James Olive are:

  1. JAMES OLIVE, JR. m. ELIZABETH BURT, daughter of John Burt, Sr.
  2. WILLIAM OLIVE b. 1746 m. ELIZABETH HENDON daughter of JAMES HENDON and HANNAH NORRIS (NOTE CORRECTION Earlier records had stated he married ANN HENDON, daughter of Isham Hendon and Keziah Johnson)
  3. SOUTHWOOD OLIVE b. about 1750-52 m. NANCY ANN HENDON daughter of ISHAM HENDON and KEZIAH JOHNSON and cousin of Elizabeth HENDON
  4. JOHN OLIVE b. about 1754 m. 1st ___ PARTRIDGE 2nd NANCY WOMBLE
  5. ANTHONY OLIVE m. Kerenhappuch "HAPPY" Hendon d. 1798 daughter of ISHAM HENDON and KEZIAH JOHNSON sister of Nancy Ann HENDON Moved to Georgia
  6. JESSE OLIVE b. about 1755 m. MONICAH MASSEY, daughter of Richard Massey, Sr.
  7. ABEL OLIVE b July 20, 1765 m. 1st BETTY ANN WILLIS, daughter of William Willis 2nd MARTHA PATSEY MINTER, daughter of Richard Minter Moved to Kentucky

The two possible daughters of James Olive are:

    1. RACHEL OLIVE m. JOSEPH EMBRY or EMBROUGH of Johnston County North Caroina Joseph moved to Georgia and owned 400 acres adjoining Anthony Olive. Joseph was also guardian to some of the minor children of Anthony Olive. Documents from the Memorial Records of Alabama state; James Embry b. Clarke County Georgia 1820, son of Elijah and Frances (Noell) Embry; grandson of Joseph and Rachel (OLIVE) Embry, both natives of North Carolina.
    2. Amy ____ m. ISSAC HILL. Amy and Issac had children named Jesse, James, and Olive. They lived in the same area as Old James Olive had lived. Issac's will was witnessed by Abel Olive and William Olive. James Olive, Jr. was an executor of Issac's will.


In 1965 a book was published by the Olive Family Association which united the research of various descendants of "Old James" Olive. Although there was not an official organization, the joint efforts of Olives around the United States created the foundation for the recently formed organization. It was through the efforts of Mrs. Olive Cartwright that this book was published. The Third Printing is currently available by photocopy.

Through the efforts of Mrs. Irene Kittenger, there will soon be a revised "Old James Olive Family" book available. There have been many corrections and additions to the family history since the 1965 publication. Mrs. Kittinger has spent many years searching for descendants of the sons of James Olive and has enlisted the efforts of many relatives in the completion of this new publication.

The revised "Old James Olive Family" book will be published soon. Many families are submitting information to assure their family is correctly represented in the publication.