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MPD FOR WE-celebating the power and heroism of MPD, DID, dissociation. This site also addresses Bipolar Disorder and addictions recovery. We can find our JOY, and accept the gift of MPD, and honour it


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"The mystical experience doesn't
need the world at all,
but the world desperately needs
the mystical experience."

excerpt from "Illuminata"
by MarianneWilliamson

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On Multiplicity as a gift

Written by Boyy M. Copyright February 1998. Revised 02/19/99. Used with permission from the author, on 5/27/99. From article MPD/DID in Simple Terms

"Very simply stated it is a gift because being a multiple helped the child to stay alive. It allowed them to protect themselves and remain sane in the face of severe and often times long lasting abuse. It allowed them to endure the bad times and to keep their heart and soul safe from their abusers. I am very grateful for the others here with me. We have been able to survive unspeakable and unthinkable abuse together and come out on the other end strong and with a will to live.

Without MPD myself and many of my multiple friends would, I truly believe, not have survived. To me MPD is like the dashing hero that pushes a child out of the way from a speeding car. Even though that action causes them to be hit by the car. They do it willinging. Just as society would rightly hold that hero in the highest regard, I hold my inside family members/alters and family/system which saved my life, in the same manner."

(We just loved this, the sense of our selves/alters as heros. Willingly risking all to save the whole. This is sooo loving, we are so devoted to ourselves, to our survival. Even those of us who struggle with self-acceptance and self-love can begin to believe in our innate value if we view ourselves as heros within and without. I think I may begin to refer to myself as a Hero system. I love the imagery, the power and the integrity inherant in this.)

We adore angels, they are so hopeful. We collect them, and pigs too! (strange duo huh?) I found this breathtaking image at Angel Art. Some lovely work!

The clipart of Angel Art.

Our oldest of two beautiful daughters has said,

"You (MPD'd) are like a puzzle. Not all of the pieces are together at the same time, but you make a whole, just different, picture. You don't need to apologize or justify it; you just are".
Out of the mouths of my babes comes ancient wisdom, they are a source of truth and powerful insight. She has some difficulty with what she calls "my list" of labels, it is painful for her to accept at times, she'd like a "normal" mom. We've talked about the fact that everyone has a story; this is mine. Normalcy is merely the mean average, and average is mediocrity, (as our mom says). Who wants to be mediocre? Good thing I'm okay with being unusual as I don't have a choice in the matter. *SMILE* Most times she & my youngest are very supportive.

My child is describing a cooperative or co-conscious MP. This is not about integration, (which for me is about trying to make us fit into mold we were uniquely designed never to fit), it is about acceptance of what is; our wondrous we-ness, of what we are in our purity, our strength, our totality.

This exquisite angel is "Mary", by Jonathon Earl Bowser. She soothes the dark recesses doesn't she.

The wonderful work of Jonathon Earl Bowser

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