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Welcome to my Oldies Page

This page is dedicated to my Teenage Queen, my beautiful wife Yvonna.

On these pages you will find links to many great songs of the 50's and 60's. However, to listen to them you will need Crescendo. Also, please take time to read A Trip Down Memory Lane. To listen to the songs in "A Trip Down Memory Lane," just click on the highlighted title.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Are You Lonesome Tonight? Do you, like me, find yourself thinking back to the past, to those Happy Days of our teenage years? If you do, then come with me. Let's take a trip down memory lane, to those good old days when life was much simpler, a trip back to the 50's and 60's. Remember the poodle skirts, bobby sox, and pony tails, the black leather jacket, hair combed back in a ducktail, long sideburns, and those Blue Suede Shoes. And, most of all, can you remember the music, that Good Old Rock and Roll Music. I don't mean the rock music of today, I'm talking about good music, that truly American, Made In The USA music, That Old Time Rock and Roll. Music that was loved and listened to by the thousands, people like, Donna, Charlie Brown, Barbara Ann, Peggy Sue, Lucille, and The Boy From New York City. Even Runaround Sue listened as did my own Little Darling, Corinna. Yes, all across America there was a Whole Lotta Shaking Going Onand everybody was ready to Shake, Rattle, and Roll. Not only in America were people listening, they were in other countries as well. They too, were eager to Rock Around The Clock to this Doo Wah Diddy Diddy music. The German Fraulien, the Duke Of Earl, and the Witch Doctor. You remember the "doc" now Don't you, how he became famous for his Love Potion #9. No matter where they where, Up On The Roof or Under The Boardwalk, they were tuned in, and in the mood for a Sea Cruise on the Sea Of Love. And, speaking about love, whatever else Rock & Roll may have been, it was certainly about love, especially, Young Love. Yes, Memories Are Made Of This.

Can you remember that Last Date, At The Hop, the White Sports Coat, the plea to your girl to Save The Last Dance For Me, that Last Kiss when you fell in love dancing to the Rock and Roll Waltz? Some said that this was only Puppy Love or just a slight case of the Lovesick Blues. But we, the teenagers of the 50's, knew that they were wrong, and I, like you, knew that this really was My Girl, my Teen Angel, a match made on the Stairway To Heaven. After all, it was we who wrote the Book Of Love. When we heard our parents tell us that It Was Only Make Believe, we knew better. We knew it was the real thing, that it wasn't Just A Dream. For us, the teenagers of the 1950's, it always seemed as if we were part of some Unchained Melody and we were always Searching for that special someone to be the Light In Your Eyes, that Sweet Little Sixteen Dream Baby and her Sixteen Candles who would be your Teddy Bear, your Earth Angel.And as great as love was it sometimes ended like so many of those Sad Songs, at other times, it had us Singing The Blues, and it always seemed like we were being Hurt. Like the day my best friend, The Wanderer went to the Chapel Of Love to marry his True Love only to discover that she was Going Back To Dixie, that she had Runaway with a new love. What a Cold Cold Heart she had to leave him crying in the chapel, Crying, calling himself a Poor Little Fool. Now he is just another Lonely Boy trying to forget his Mona Lisa. Yes, he was just one of many brought down by a Pretty Woman. Last time I saw him, he was living like a Hound Dog, doing the Jailhouse Rock, down in that Heartbreak Hotel just on the outskirts of Kansas City.

So, if you can remember the music of the 50's, you know how it affected us. It made some of us feel Crazy, some Blue, and some just wanted to Let The Good Times Roll. For them it was always a time for Twisting The Night Away, a time Twist And Shout and have Fun, Fun, Fun. If you remember the 50's and 60's and you say that you are not filled with Emotions, then you truly are The Great Pretender, and all I can say is Ain't That A Shame. For the rest of us, tonight, at Twilight Time, In The Still Of The Night, find a quiet place, lay back, close your eyes, and Drift Away, back to the good old days and the good times we had, and, Before The Next Teardrop Falls, Let's Get Lost In The Fifties Tonight. Sincerely,Don't Be Cruel Mohawks and The Three Bells

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