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Prayers From a Mystical Realm

Magic Knight Rayearth

- The Magic Knight Rayearth Story

"There was a time not so long ago when the kingdom of Cefiro was at peace, when its inhabitants knew nothing of heart-stopping fear or out-wrenching terror. The magicical prayers of benevolent Princess Emerald blessed the whole of the land with lush beauty, and protected the people from worry or harm. Life in Cefiro was life ar its most idyllic...until the unthinkable occured.

Emerald's most powerful gaurdian, Zagat, revealed his dark soul and betrayed the trust of his Princess. He stole her away and imprisoned her deep within an enormous fortress, which was concealed from view and suspended high above Cefiro by the power of Zagat's black magic.

A Lovely Couple With her heart and spirt broken, Emerald's prayers ceased, and with them the powerful enchantments that bound tight the very fabric of Cefiro's existence. A world that had never known the slightest hint of disharmony began a slow, spiraling plunge into chaos. Majestic mountain peaks spewed forth brimstone and hellfire; a gruesome assortment of demonic beasts invaded the countryside; the earth itself shook as if possessed with an uncontrollable rage.

Despite the desperate situation, a glimmer of hope yet remained. An ancient legend told of three awesome warriors summoned from another world and brought to Cefiro. Their innate magical powers would be awakened, they would recver the long-lost weapons known as the "Machines," and they would use their combined strength to liberate the Princess. Cefiro would be saved from total annihilation. But the legend remained just that...

And as the kingdom of Cefiro inched ever closer to destruction, three teenage girls from private schools toured a Tokyo skyscraper, unaware of their ultimate destiny as the Magic Knights of a mystical realm..."

-Above information is copyrighted by Sega and Saturn, 1996.

Cast of Characters

HikaruHikaru UmiUmi FuuFuu Others

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