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Mace's Vampyr Library

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fanfiction

Miss me?

October 15, 2000: Bless me, readers, for I have sinned. It has been six months since my last update.

Don't you hate that? You find this lovely site with quality fanfiction on it. It looks nice, feels good. It's not confusing. Not a lot of broken links. And the archivist never updates. Well, I've been working for two solid days on the new look and pages. It's basically the same site with a few added bonuses, easier to read links, and more fanfiction.

I haven't posted anything new yet, still working the kinks out of "Capere Nox IV: Vae Victus" and its successors. I've got a couple of new fanfictions in the works of the non-series variety. There are a whole slew of NEW fanfictions in the Other Author's Index. I'm not sure how many. Also, I'm trying a new color scheme for the OAI. How do you like it?

As far as internal matters go, there's a new submission form page, on site, that looks very good, if you ask me. My new banners are up and running, so check those out and tell me what you think. I have a new "NEW!" box because mine, I was told, was incredibly cheesy.

I am thinking of looking for an assistant archivist. I cannot update on a regular basis because I don't get a lot of fanfiction, so I have to go hunt down fanfiction from mailing lists. Then, I have to format it, which takes forever. Then, I have to post it, which takes even longer. So, I'm looking for someone who is on a lot of mailing lists and can hunt down good fanfiction and at least send it to me personally, possibly work on archiving maybe . . . ten or so fanfictions a month. Anyone interested?

Also, if you have a dead site out there, one that you never updated, send me an email. If you're willing, I'll copy and paste the source codes to my site and get some more fanfiction. Some of the best fanfiction I've ever read is on dead site that never get hits. If not, lemme link you to my site.

And finally, I'm creating a fanfiction challege page. Look for that soon, as well as "Capere Nox IV: Vae Victus", "CN V: Interlude III", and my new stand alone "The Whole Angel Thing" shortly. See ya. Mace


Fanfiction by Mace

Contains the largest collection of fanfiction written by meMace, though not all of it. The vast majority of dozens of fics are conventional 'shippers, mostly Buffy/Angel with other couples thrown in just because.

Fanfiction by Other Authors

Library of some of the best authors on the Internet. Most of the fanfictions here are hand-picked by me from the various mailing lists I'm a member of (as I seldom get submissions), but a few kind souls were kind enough to send me their work.

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