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The are so Many things to say I think you will be happy to speak to him on the phone, however, I will mention something about my father

His Name is Gulshair Muhammad El'shukri

Born in Guyana in 1930. At the age of 16 he became very intrested in The Arabic Language, Leading him to self learning it

then he started teaching the youth and people around him until he became popular in the Carribean for his efforts in propagating the correct Arabic Language in addition to his Islamic

activities within the communities.

Later, he got a scholorship to study in Al Azhar University in Ciro Egypt. After that, Sheikh went to study for ten years in The Islamic University in Al Madina Al- Munawarah

Basicly, Sheikh have exhausted his entire life for The work of this Deen and the propagation of the Arabic Language.

He often tells me: " In Order for the Islamic World to Really unite, the Muslims should be united in speaking the Arabic Language even if it is a second language for some.

Sheikh have been going all around the world cunducting arabic classes and Islamic Seminars. Now at the age of 69 he says it is time to take it easy and stay in one place.

I can say onething, I have never seen someone like him who could make friends so fast. He likes to smile and loves people and enjoys being with them.

He believes that everyone should look up to the youth for they were and will be the pillars of this Creed Al Islam.

May Allah give him long blessed life that is filled with what he loves doing best