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Psychotic Cheerleader

Psychotic Cheerleader

In high school
she was always so perky and perfect.
Now she bludgeons people
with her grandma's wooden leg.

I find it so amusing
that Misty lost her mind.

She used to do the splits
now she splits people open.
She used to date the football team.
Now she's dating Marge, the guard

I find it so amazing
that Misty lost her mind.

I'm sorry for her victims
but she's given me new life.
I've hated her and everyone like her
pretty much all of my life.

Who would have thought
she was sicker than me?
No one.

She used to wave her pom poms
Now she waives her rights.
She used to seem together
Now she's totally unglued

I find it quite elating
that Misty lost her mind.

I wonder
will she find the peace she's searching for
inside her metal womb;
inside her tomb?

It really doesn't matter
because I feel so much better!

(C)1998, Arden Davidson