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WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL LAIR MORGAN WEBSITE! Updated 01/03/2024 .Lair Morgan now on i Heart Radio , Lair Morgan song "Voices" featured on Coast To CoastAM 3-7-10 radio with host George Noory. Lair Morgan Selections DVD and CD now avalible in India on Lair Morgan Espanole ".Radio Airplay songs "Asteroids and Satellites","High Time"and"Quest of the Orb" now in Rotation on Rocka Rolla Radio,Buenos Aires Argentina! Lair Morgan in rotation on Radio Metal Storm 87.9FM Connecticut! Get your copy of Lair Morgan's "Universal Citizen" CD now available at Record Rack,, I-Tunes, CD Baby, or contact us in the studio,"LAIR MORGAN "Selections" CD is now available at Amazon, "Link to "Selections" CD on main page!" Lair Morgan is now available for Cast in Motion Picture Films and TV productions,For info on Lair Morgan acting see Hollywood link ! Lair Morgan Selections DVD now Available! Thanks for visiting the OFFICIAL LAIR MORGAN website!