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             The stranger with my face...

     Inspired on the "Tales of mystery and imagination" by Edgar Allen Poe

                    I woke up , just this morning,
                    my brain was not at home...
                    i had to stand up early,
                    in darkness all alone.

                    I went to see the mirror,
                    a stranger with my face...
                    he looks at me and wonders:
                    who is there in my place?

                    I'm sitting near the window,
                    and play "I'm doing fine!"
                    and think about the stranger,
                    where is he all the time?

                    The fog is all around,now
                    he's somewhere there, i know!
                    when will he come and join me,
                    into this lonely show?

                    I play "i cook the meal" now,
                    it's really dark outside,
                    the silence has gotten deeper,
                    i think about the night.

                    And back into my bedroom,
                    i quiet stand and stare:
                    the stranger with my face, now,
                    i see him laying there...