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Based in Zuerich, Switzerland.

Founded in 10th March 1995.


Kurt Albert Mueller-Arndt, (Kamar) 39 yrs : Vocals, guitar, bass, incidental keyboards.(profesion= no idea...46 different professions in 20 yrs)

Roger (El Falcon) Hawk 22yrs : Lead guitars, bg. vocals.(profesion=bookkeeper)

Orfeo Giuliani 29 yrs : Bass guitar.(profession=paramedic)

Pete (Stixkiller) Mathys 32 yrs : Drums.(semi-professional kickboxer)


Started as a punk band in a  old beer factory at the lake of Zuerich (OoH that smell!)
Soon we did a few concerts in our region , for example  on a Aid-gala for our little
Dope-Shop that was soon to be closed by the police.(O-hO! THAT! smell!)

At the most known rock pub of Switzerland(no names here) we played too... for 30
minutes only!
We had a contract for 2 days, but we where too loud(hehe).Only by luck we could save
our instruments being destroyed by the fight that soon began, as we said we have to

The songs are all written by Kamar.
In september 97 we had a nice CD- presentation of our first CD called "The MessAge"
in the biggest CD shop of Switzerland, JECKLIN.

The CD was baptized in fresh Corona Beer, and sold quite well in Switzerland.

Soon some members fell back into the hard drugs, stupid same old story! The guitarrist
and the bassist began allways to fight and had to be replaced .(the first formation lasted
3 years)
With the new members, we recorded the second CD, called "...its just a demo".

Kamar: Vocals
Dani Simonetto(new)(profession= painter): Guitars
Harro(new)(proffesion= security sistems designer): Keyboards
Ivo Bucher (new)(profession= sales manager): Bass
Pete Stixkiller: Drums

This second CD was all written in the band, allthough there are just 6 songs, a micro CD.

After 1 year Kamar decided to leave the band  and the whole thing fell apart.
Kamar is still composing and preparing the return of DON'T PANIC...
Now he has build up a nice recording studio, and the new CD is about to be released on
December 1999.
A lot more one can check out at the DON'T PANIC... Homepage :