Real Name: Unrevealed

Class: Extradimensional (Dimension Zero) technology-user

Occupation: Superhero, scientist

Group Affiliation: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Dimension Zero

First Appearance: Adventure Comics I #253 (October,1958)

Powers: Like all natives of Dimension Zero Xeen Arrow possessed the power of telepathy and was over a mile high in height, so he presumably possessed superhuman strength. He was a master archer and used trick arrows such as a smokescreen-arrow, chain-arrow and acetylene-arrow. His primary mode of transportation was the Arrowcar, and he had a secret base of operations named the Arrowcave. 

History: (Adventure Comics I #253) - A leading scientist of Dimesion Zero took on the superhero identity of Xeen Arrow and became a renowned and respected crimefighter. After dispatching a bank robber and returning to his Arrowcave he discovered Green Arrow and Speedy, heroes from Earth who had been displaced in his dimension after hitching a ride on a dimensional-piercing arrow that was part of the Xeen Arrow children's play set. The dimensional gap the arrow opened would soon close, so Xeen had Green Arrow and Speedy hop aboard one of his arrows, and shot it at the dimensional gateway, returning the heroes to Earth.

Comments: Created by Dave Wood & Jack Kirby.

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